What is an Alley Cat?

Alley Cats are stray or feral cats that live in the streets, alleys, and other open areas of a town. Alley Cats have been known to be both socialized and unsocialized with humans. The term alley cat usually refers to an un-socialized cat that lives outside on its own without human interaction.

If you have ever seen a feral cat in your backyard, alleyway, or on the street and wondered what it is, then this post is for you! Alley cats are stray or feral cats that live outside. They can be either born to other ferals or from strays themselves. Alley cats rely heavily on humans for food and water because they typically don’t hunt as much as housecats would. This lack of hunting leads to them being malnourished and prone to health problems such as infections from bites or lacerations from fights with other animals.