What is an Alley Cat: Definition of a Stray Cat, Feral Cats

The term “alley cat” is a colloquialism that can be used to describe either a stray cat or feral cat. Stray cats are domestic cats that have been abandoned by their owners and left to fend for themselves; they often live on the streets, in parks, alleys, or near dumpsters. Feral cats were born from other ferals or strays; these animals are unaccustomed to human interaction and will actively avoid humans. Alley Cat’s can also refer to someone who has no home and wanders around aimlessly with nowhere particular to go.

What is an Alley Cat? An alley cat is a stray or feral cat. They are cats that live in the streets and have never been domesticated. If you’re looking for something to do today, how about adopting one of these beautiful animals?

An alley cat is any type of stray or feral cat that lives in a city. The term “alley” comes from the fact that these cats often live and hunt in the space between buildings, also known as an alley. These cats can be tame or not tame, depending on their upbringing.