“What is an Alley Cat?” Defining What a Stray or Feral Domestic Cat Is.

An alley cat is a stray or feral cat, most often found in rural areas. Alley cats are typically unaccustomed to human interaction and fear humans for this reason. They can be easily spooked by sudden movements or loud noises like sirens, thunderstorms, fireworks, yelling and even the sound of an approaching car. Opposing to house cats that enjoy being petted or played with on their terms, these animals will usually run away when they see humans coming near them; some may bite if provoked enough.

Alley cats are stray cats that roam the streets. Though they may be domesticated, many alley cats prefer to live on the street and do not take kindly to humans. Alley Cats are not necessarily feral, nor is a feral cat always an alley cat. The definition of an Alley Cat varies depending on your location in the world or what you mean by “alley.”

Alley Cat is a term that has been used to describe a stray cat, homeless domestic cat, or feral cat. A stray cat is a pet that has gotten lost and found its way back home again. It’s likely the animal had an owner before it got away. A street-smart stray will avoid contact with humans at all costs because they are often mistreated by them—like being hit by cars or poisoned in traps set out for them on their territory.
A feral cat is born into the wild and unaccustomed to human interaction; they live outdoors as predators of other animals but scavengers when necessary for survival. These cats can be socialized if they are taken in at an early age and given gentle care.