What is an Alley Cat? – Define What An Alley Cat Is

What is an Alley Cat? This post will define what an alley cat is, and the difference between a stray cat and a feral one. In this blog post you will find information about how to care for cats if they are either in your home or outside of it. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them in the comments section below.

What is an Alley Cat? Define what an Alley Cat Is. Stray cat, a homeless domestic cat.
Feral cat, a cat that has been born to other ferals or from stray cats, and that are unaccustomed to human interaction.

What is an Alley Cat? An alley cat is a stray cat, or a feral cat. The term “alley cat” can refer to either type of animal. A stray or feral cat will have no owner, and might be living on the street for years at a time. They often look very dirty and unkempt because they are not used to being around humans.