The Difference Between a Stray Cat and Feral Cat

What is an Alley Cat? An alley cat is a stray or feral cat that lives outside and does not have a home. There are two types of cats that can be classified as an alley cat, which are stray and feral. Stray cats typically come from domesticated families but because they were abandoned by their owners, they ended up on the streets looking for food to survive. Felines who grow up without human interaction become ferals, also known as wild animals. These felines will attack humans if they feel threatened and cannot be tamed no matter how many times you feed them or try to interact with them.

An alley cat is a type of cat. The term Alley Cat can refer to different types of cats; they are usually stray, feral or homeless domestic cats. Stray cats are domesticated animals that have been lost or abandoned by their owners and not yet adopted by others. Feral Cats are the offspring of other ferals or from strays, and that are unaccustomed to human interaction.