Alley Cat: What is It Exactly?

Alley Cat: a cat that lives in the alleys of cities, towns, or rural areas. These cats are often considered to be feral and not tame. They usually live around garbage cans and dumpsters for food. Alley Cats can also be stray domestic cats who have been abandoned by their owners

Alley Cat: A stray cat that lives in an alley. These cats are usually unaccustomed to human interaction, and can be very difficult to catch. Alley Cats are often feral or have been born of other ferals.

Alley Cats are a feral cat. They live in urban areas and they usually stay hidden from people. Alley cats are not used to human interaction, so they will avoid it if possible. Many of these cats have been born into the wild and never interacted with humans before.

Alley Cat is a term in the United States for an abandoned or feral cat. Alley Cats are usually found wandering around alleys, and other places where cats would be able to find food and shelter. They may also be called stray cats, which are domestic housecats that have been lost or abandoned by their owners, sometimes because they were not socialized as kittens.